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Summer Collection

The Designs

I came across this living room scene when I was looking for inspiration for the summer collection patterns and I was instantly drawn to the beautiful bright colors paired with bright whites and reflective surfaces. I also love the natural elements of this room - the basket weave and dried bamboo of the monstera plant in the corner and the beautiful wood flooring adds some warmth. This room feels like a wonderful mix of retro tropical patterns and sleek modern shapes and angles. 

The flamingo art and lighting in the background give a nice pop of pink and the tropical patterns provide a fun, almost retro feel. All of these elements feel very well tied together. By mixing the neutral colors of white and beige, the bright pinks and greens feel welcoming without being too overwhelming.

I tried to incorporate similar motives into this pattern collection. There are some tropical elements such as palm fronds, monstera leaves, plumeria flowers and macaw parrots. These components are paired with some abstract influences to add in that organic, natural feel. The color scheme is a mix of sand-tone neutrals and bright tropical pinks and greens.   

(Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash)

The Neutrals

The neutral patterns of this collection are soft and can fit with many different decor styles. The abstract forms in these designs are meant to imitate lines on sandy shores and ocean waves crashing on a shoreline.


The palm and monstera leaves are also a reminder of those warm summer months and inspire visions of peaceful, calm breezes.

Bright Colors

The colorful members of this pattern collection are meant to represent the fun elements of summer happening on a beach or at a pool party with bright leaves, tropical birds and bright accents.

Retro elements paired with modern shapes make these patterns really stand out. These would definitely make fantastic throw pillows!

Retro Whims

These designs are definitely more retro inspired although there are some modern feeling elements in place too. Each brings in cheerful colors and whimsical shapes. 


The shapes are also influenced by the beach with palm fronds, waves and even an abstract pattern arranged to remind you of jellyfish. 

Stripes & Lines

Organic stripes and lines have a prominent role in the summer collection. The rough edges and free forms of these lines feel more natural and playful than regular solid stripes. 


These shapes bring colorful elements to the patterns and have that free-form charm. These patterns would be a great addition to any room and will definintely add a unique feel.    


Add These Designs to Your Summer Decor

Whether you prefer soft neutral beige tones or you want to liven things up with bold colors, our summer collection has everything you need! This collection was inspired by both tropical and abstract elements and the result is a series of unique designs to refresh your space.


I hope they inspire a warm and welcoming feeling and I wish you a happy summer!

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