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Traditional Fall Colors to Love

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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Traditional Fall Colors

Autumn is one of those unique times of the year when bright colors are everywhere. Each season has its own palette of colors and fall does not disappoint! From bright changing leaves to pumpkins and dried florals you can find the beautiful traditional colors of fall almost everywhere. Incorporating these colors into your decor is easy to do and the options are almost endless. Here are some ideas for your fall decorating projects using the traditional colors of the season.

Flame Pea #DF6932

This bright orange hue is the perfect representation of fall pumpkins and the blooms of the winter cherry Physalis. It’s hard to imagine the fall season without a bright shade of orange in the mix.

Lightning Yellow #FABD2A

Lightning yellow is a color you would picture when thinking of the changing leaves that come with cooler weather. Yet another wonderful traditional fall color, shades of yellow and gold are the perfect addition to your fall decor.

Maroon Oak #560D0E

Shades of maroon and deep red are perfect for any traditional fall color scheme. Think of fall leaves, a porch with a red door and dried maize for beautiful fall reds.

Hemlock Green #5D643F

The olive shade of hemlock will remind you of pumpkins, squash, gourds and harvest time. It pairs well with all of the traditional fall colors and is sure to complement your decorating for the season.

Fall is pretty much in full swing and even if the leaves haven't started changing where you are, the essence of fall is surely in the air! The traditional colors of fall are unique and beautiful and will make a wonderful addition to any home decorating project you take on this season.

If you want to try a color palette that is a little less traditional, check out this fall color palette - Heirloom Fall Colors. Good luck and happy decorating!


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