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The Top 10 Hidden Thrift Store Finds

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

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If you have ever been to a thrift shop, you know they can be the perfect place to find everything from home decor to clothing, electronics, toys and more. I have always enjoyed browsing the unique stock of goods they carry. There are some less common hidden gems you can find at thrift stores if you know where to look!

1. Crafting Supplies Some of my favorite things to find at my local thrift are crafting supplies. I have found everything from reams of construction paper, bulk bags of pipe cleaners, decorative gems and stones to yarn, buttons and sewing patterns. Sometimes these can be harder to find and you may need to move things around on shelves to reveal items underneath. (This is how I found my construction paper, it was hidden away under a few other random items.)

2. Fabric and Scraps I have had a lot of luck with fabric and scraps at thrift stores. Finding fabric can sometimes be tricky as it usually seems to be in the back near things like throw pillows and curtains etc. My local Goodwill store has bulk fabric scraps taped into sets for around $4 and I try to grab a few whenever I can for future projects.

3. Wood & Metal Signs I always buy any metal or wood signs that I can find at thrift stores for when I have a new project idea and need them. I have found many plain unfinished signs that just need decorating but don’t rule out one with faded lettering that can be repurposed! I have several that I plan to paint over to give them a brand new look.

4. Modern Home Decor When you think of home decor found at thrift stores, you might think of old and outdated items that no one really wants anymore. While this might be true in some cases, a lot of times you can find hidden gems if you know where to look. I have seen tutorials on Pinterest for transforming old porcelain knick-knacks into more modern looking decor by spray painting them a solid color like white, gold or black.

5. Art & Wall Decor One of the first things I look for in a thrift store is the home section, and I usually try to seek out the corners that are hiding away all the art and wall decor. While a lot of times the pictures might be really outdated, sometimes you can find something you wouldn’t expect. I have found several really nice pieces for super cheap simply by looking through the stacks to see what’s hiding underneath.

6. Chandeliers & Lighting When you think of where to buy lighting decor you might think of places like Home Depot or the local hardware store but have you ever considered thrift stores? I almost always see a shelf or two with chandeliers and other home lighting and they are not always broken or too outdated to use. With a little elbow grease and some creativity you could transform one into a unique piece for your home. Just be sure to test that it works before purchasing!

7. Photo Frames Many thrift stores have a section for things like photo frames, often stacked into piles or rows. I always try to search through to see what I can find and I am usually surprised by the good quality and low prices I can get for decent frames.

8. Planters & Pots You don’t have to limit yourself to the planters you can buy at a regular store. Thrift stores have tons of options that you could repurpose into a planter like old buckets, glass jars and other unique ideas. Sometimes all you need to make something brand new is a good can of spray paint and some imagination.

9. Serving Trays If you are looking for trendy serving trays to use for your home decor, you can often find trays for really affordable prices at thrift stores. Every now and then I find a really nice one that just needs to be cleaned up and maybe

touched up with some paint. Sometimes these can be found with the dishes and cooking pans but sometimes they are just hidden amongst the random home goods items.

10. Tiered Trays A decor trend I absolutely love - tiered trays! There are so many fun ideas on Pinterest for styling tiered trays and you can even make your own trays with supplies you can get at a thrift store (Think candlesticks and charger plates).

11. Bonus! If you are like me you might love going into thrift shops just to browse and maybe find some inspiration. I feel like I come out of a thrift shop with several new ideas for projects everytime I visit one. It just goes to show, you never know when a moment of inspiration might happen! If you are looking for a good way to find thrift stores near you, check out this website called The Thrift Shopper - you can enter your zip code (if you are in the US) and see a list of thrift stores near you. They have a ton of other neat things too, including an online thrifting community!

Thrift stores often have hidden gems like these and a lot of times you can find them if you look! I hope this gives you some new ideas for what to look for when you visit a thrift store - good luck and happy decorating!


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