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Minimalist Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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The fall craft season is finally here and I definitely have that early fall feeling! I am so excited to share this DIY fall magnolia leaf wreath project with you! It’s very easy to make, budget friendly and does not require that many supplies to make! If you are loving the minimalist look that is so popular this year, this ring wreath is the perfect style to make for fall.

A few weeks back, we had a very windy storm and there ended up being a ton of these beautiful already dried magnolia tree leaves in our yard. I was so excited to make something with them and I ended up having enough for this project and several others.

dried magnolia leaf wreath

This is the second fall wreath for the series Easy Fall Wreaths You Can DIY. This wreath was fun to make and turned out better than I had originally hoped. This wreath literally ended up only costing $2! The leaves were from my yard, the metal wire was a coat hanger in my closet and the pumpkin and bouquet were only a dollar each from Dollar Tree!

Supplies Needed

  • A wire coat hanger

  • (14) Dried magnolia leaves (several sizes to place in graduated order)

  • (2) Smaller dried leaves (similar color and shape to magnolia leaves) - optional

  • Small white plastic pumpkin from Dollar Tree - Plastic Pumpkin and Gourd Decorations

  • Cotton floral bush from Dollar Tree - Floral Garden 5-Stem Cotton Bushes

  • Wire cutter / pliers

  • Hot glue gun

For the magnolia leaves, if you do not have some on hand (I got really lucky these just showed up in my yard!) you can try to find some from your local craft store or online on sites like Etsy. You could also consider trying out this project with some variations such as different types of leaves (even artificial leaves) or a different type of ring like wood. I went with the hanger because I thought the color looked nice with the leaves.

Once I had collected all my leaves, I sorted out the ones that I wanted by size and color. Some of the leaves were too curled or damaged to use so I put those to the side for another project I have coming up soon - How to Make Your Own Dried Potpourri. The smallest pair at the top of the wreath are not magnolia leaves, I chose to substitute in smaller dried leaves to get a full graduated look. I ended up using sixteen leaves total.

dried magnolia leaves on burlap

Next, get the wire or ring of your choice for the wreath. I used a standard coat hanger from my closet. I bent it into a circle and then used wire cutters to remove the top piece. You could leave this if you don't mind the look. I then used pliers to bend the wire into place without worrying too much how it looked because I planned to cover it with the leaves.

Now that you have everything ready, the next step is to start gluing! I first laid out the leaves so that I could plan how to put them together. Next I glued leaves into sets of two by size so that it would be easier to glue to the wire.

After letting them dry for a minute, they can be glued to the wire. I found the easiest way was to tack them onto the wire by dropping a glob of glue over the wire and holding it to the leaf sets until dry enough to let go. It helps if you position each set and check how it looks before gluing. Continue this for each set until you have glued all sets of leaves to the wire.

After all the sets have been glued into place, you can add the floral cotton bush and pumpkin or hang the wreath as it is. I thought the cotton and pumpkin were a nice addition so I cut the bottom from the floral bush and glued it in place at the base of the largest set of leaves and then added the pumpkin last. It took a good amount of glue to tack the pumpkin in place and I had to hold it for a while so the glue could dry thoroughly.

cotton floral with white pumpkin on leaves

Once the glue is dry, you can go ahead and hang your wreath. I found that the wire could hang on a nail easily on it’s own but if you wanted you could also add some ribbon.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas for a creative way to use dried leaves to make a unique minimalist fall wreath. I am very happy with how this one turned out and it was so cheap to make! This is the perfect way to use the first leaves of the season from your yard. Good luck and happy decorating!


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