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DIY Dried Palm Decor - How to Dry Your Own Palm Leaves

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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The fronds of palm trees are incredibly versatile and have been used for just about everything. Palm leaves are the inspiration for many of the patterns I design but one of my favorite ways to use palm leaves is to incorporate them into home decor pieces. Besides the usefulness of the palm frond, their simple beauty fits with a variety of tropical, boho, beachy-coastal and other themes of decor.

If you want to incorporate palm leaves into your interior or exterior of your home, you can dry them yourself for an easy and stylish accent. If you have access to natural, live palm trees and you can get some fronds to use, one of the simplest ways to dry them is to lay them out flat and let the sun work its magic.

If you are lucky enough to have an actual palm tree you can use, the dry fronds hanging near the trunk are even better because they do most of the work on their own! Once you find some that are nice and dry, you can get a clipper and cut them down from the tree. If you don’t have access to a palm tree, you could always reach out to someone who has one in their yard to see if they would be willing to let you have the dry fronds. You could also try a local nursery to see if they might be willing to sell you some as well.

Be careful of the sharp thorns on some species of palms. Use a clipper or pruning tool to carefully remove these. Gently clean off any dirt or other debris from the leaves. Once the leaves are suitably dry, you can style them to fit the look you are going for.

Natural palm fronds are beautiful as a stand-alone piece but you can also cut them to be a more smooth looking shape. Palm fronds have a natural line where the leaves begin to separate so you can use this line as a rough guide to get you started. Trim off the loose edges and you can create a nice Boho style piece. You could also do a pointed spear shape or a rounded teardrop shape. For more of a sun palm shape, cut the semi circle shape to have pointed edges. Again, you can use the natural folds of the leaves as a guide.

You can also paint them if you want some variation in color. For a quick and easy paint job, you can lay the palm fronds out on some newspaper and spray paint them any color you like. Make sure you choose a well ventilated area, outside is the best!

Dried palm leaves are the perfect way to add some natural elements to any space. You can arrange them into a vase or jar, I love the look of the stems in a clear vase! A white vase is also a nice touch for a modern, clean look. A large terracotta vase looks amazing with palm fronds for a backyard porch or other outdoor space. If you use large leaves, you don't even need a vase, simply lean them against a wall or arrange them in a corner. This is an easy way to decorate with palm fronds without having to break the bank.

If you don’t have any natural palm leaves, don’t worry, you still have options! You can buy them from online stores like Etsy or your local craft store. If you can’t find any real palm leaves and the craft stores don’t have what you are looking for, you can even make your own out of paper! Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make your own paper palm leaves.


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