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How to Choose the Perfect Throw Pillows for any Room

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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Accent pieces can really tie a room together and sometimes the little touches can really make all the difference. Throw pillows are one of my favorite decor accents because there is so much variety and the combinations are practically endless. I am a firm believer that a room should represent who you are and it should be a showcase of your personality. Here are some ideas to help you search for throw pillows that will make your room pop and that will be perfectly you!

There are a ton of things you could consider when deciding what type of throw pillows you should choose. If the room you are decorating has an overall theme, you may want to choose pieces that match a certain style. For example, if you have a white and blue theme, you will probably want something that fits that color scheme or if you have a nautical beach theme, you might want to choose colors and patterns that remind you of the ocean.

Choose colors that you enjoy! A pop of color can be just what a room needs. For a light piece of furniture you could choose a bright, colorful throw pillow. For a darker piece of furniture, a color that contrasts would stand out and draw the eye when someone enters the room.

Patterns are another fun thing to play with when deciding what throw pillows to choose for a space. Personally, I love patterns and I think they look amazing paired with solid colors.

I have a light color couch that I paired large solid navy blue and floral pattern throw pillows with. These pillows were a gift from a family member and I got so lucky with how nice they look together. I personally love to have an assortment of pillows with a range of sizes but you can have as many or as little as you like.

These look great for decoration but if I wanted to make our couch more practical for sitting I would remove the two in the middle and just have the outer navy pillows and the two outer patterned pillows. For a family night I would just have the navy pillows as they are more comfy for lounging.

The fabric and texture of the pillows you choose will also depend on how you plan to use your sitting space. Some fabrics will look great but might not be comfortable to use as an actual pillow and would be better for staging your room for visitors. This goes for pillows with beads, sequins and other decorations sewn to them too. For practical pillows that can double as decor pillows, choose pillows that have softer fabrics and textures.

If you want to get the maximum style potential from your throw pillows, you could also consider getting reversible ones! Some pillows come with a different pattern or color on either side and you can rearrange them to mix and match your style!

Don’t forget, not all throw pillows have to be square! You can find them in other shapes so don’t be afraid to add something like a round pillow to the mix!

If you are feeling crafty, you could try creating your own decorative pillows. Sometimes, the best way to get stylish new throw pillows is to recycle old items of clothing or other fabrics into a DIY throw pillow project! I have some fabrics I picked up from a thrift store recently and I am thinking about creating some new throw pillows in the near future.

Another fun option to create throw pillows is to design your own. Websites like Zazzle allow you to create any style of throw pillow you can dream of. They also have a ton of unique designs available that many talented designers have created so be sure to check them out! I have shared a few of my own Zazzle designs on the Retro Palm Collections pages and if you see any you like, you can also find them on throw pillows in my Zazzle shop.

Happy Decorating!