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Heirloom Fall Colors

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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Heirloom Fall Colors

One of the best things about fall is the beautiful color palettes that come with the season. This year, colors that really stand out are soft neutral heirloom tones. While traditional fall color palettes are beautiful in their own right, these softer pastel colors are a refreshing new way to style your fall decor. These colors look amazing paired with more natural color schemes and are perfect with farmhouse fall themes. Here are some heirloom color ideas to give you some modern decor inspiration for the fall season!

Cosmic Plum #6C3A5E

This deep plum purple color is the darkest color in this palette. When paired with the lighter colors, it really brings that *pop* of contrast that is needed to add balance. The deep purple color makes a nice accent to add to your heirloom fall style.

Spindle Blue #C8DFEF

A light baby blue color gives the feeling of crisp fall days and the coolness that brings the change of season. It also has a nice vintage feel to it which inspires antique vibes. When paired with the other colors in this palette it brings an element of calm and peacefulness.

Tower Gray #A0B8BD

The tower gray color has a sage-like appearance in color and helps to add a natural element to the palette. This soft green color is also on the cooler side and has the same vintage-heirloom feel. The great thing about this color is that many natural leaves such as lamb’s ear & eucalyptus are a similar shade and can be easily incorporated into your fall pieces.

Lola #E6DAE6

The soft pink-lavender color helps to bring another light vintage-inspired heirloom color to the fall palette. Lola is on the opposite shade spectrum compared to the cosmic plum and although the lighter colors have an almost spring-like appearance, when used for a fall palette they can really inspire a farmhouse, vintage, fall theme.

Hopefully these colors will help to inspire you for your next fall decor piece. I am thinking about using these colors paired with some neutral beige tones for our home this year. If you still prefer the traditional harvest fall colors, stay tuned for the next fall color palette - Traditional Fall Colors to Love! Good luck and happy decorating!


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