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Easy Starter Base for Fabric Pumpkins

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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Rather than throwing out plastic grocery bags and newspapers, why not recycle them into a fun project for fall! I have been making these “bases” for the various pumpkin projects I have been working on and they work perfectly! It’s like cleaning up the house and crafting at the same time! I thought I would make a quick tutorial to show how these are made so that you can use them for your own projects.

How to make a Recycled Pumpkin Starter Base for Fabric Pumpkins


  • Plastic grocery bag

  • Newspapers or shredded office paper

  • Rubber Band, twist tie or pipe cleaner

For these pumpkin bases, you can make them any size you like just keep adding layers of newspaper until you have the size you need.

Start by rolling a small piece of newspaper into a ball. Then you will keep adding sheets by neatly rolling the smaller ball into a new piece of paper. The goal is to make it as round and smooth as possible. I tried to just crumble up papers but the end result was not as good and made my fabric pumpkin look lumpy so the smoother you can make these, the better the end result for your project.

Once you have finished rolling the ball of newspaper, place it inside of the plastic bag so that the bottom of the pumpkin is centered in the middle of the bottom of the inside of the bag. Then, carefully twist the plastic bag around the top of the pumpkin until the bag fits somewhat tightly around the paper ball.

While holding the top twist, use a rubber band or a pipe cleaner to tie off the top of the pumpkin. Make sure it’s nice and tight so that the pumpkin base doesn’t unravel once you let it go. Cut off the extra plastic at the top near the rubberband and for extra recycling points you can use the leftover plastic to start your next pumpkin base.

There you have it - a starter base for your fabric pumpkin projects! I hope you find these starter bases useful for making your fall pumpkins this season. If you don’t already have a fabric pumpkin project in mind, be sure to check out the DIY No Sew Mini Fabric Pumpkins & Buffalo Check Jute Pumpkin tutorials for some inspiration - good luck and happy decorating!


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