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Easy Fall Wreaths You Can DIY

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Fall is just around the corner and even though it’s still 100+ degrees outside, it’s definitely still feeling like time to drink a pumpkin spice latte while decorating the house! I am loving all the fun DIY projects this year and I put together a few fall wreaths that are super easy and fun to make in addition to being very affordable.

I really enjoyed making these and they look nice hanging on my walls! I wanted to make my own wreaths this year and they needed to be budget and time friendly. I already had supplies like a hot glue gun and dried magnolia leaves so all three of the wreaths in this series were less than $10 each!

If you need some inspiration for your fall decor projects, these fall wreaths are the perfect place to start. Here are 3 easy fall wreaths you can DIY.

1. Easy DIY Fall Owl Wreath

This adorable owl wreath is a quick and easy project and I am so happy with how it turned out. Almost all of the supplies are from Dollar Tree, including the star focal piece, the fall owl ornament! (See them here: Polyester and Rattan Fall Owl Ornaments, 5x3.5 in.)

You can definitely recreate this wreath with any scrap burlap you might have or even burlap ribbon and any kind of faux fall foliage and flowers you might have on hand. Although I personally love the owl feature in this wreath, this wreath is cute without it too. One of my favorite ways to decorate is to reuse, recycle or upcycle things I already have or that I find at thrift & dollar stores. Who says you can’t have cute fall decor that didn’t cost a fortune!

If you want to see how to make this fall owl wreath, check out the post page here: Easy DIY Fall Owl Wreath

2. Minimalist Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath

All year I have been loving the boho-minimalist look of ring wreaths and I thought I would try my hand at making one for fall. I didn’t really know what I was going to use for it until I woke up one morning after a storm blew a ton of these really nice dried magnolia leaves into our yard. Natural elements are so beautiful and these were the perfect way to incorporate the first leaves of the season.

You can use any type of leaves you like to recreate this graduated natural leaf style wreath. You could also try out different materials for the ring - I used an old coat hanger but I think this wreath would also look great with a wood type of ring base.

To see how I put the magnolia leaf wreath together, check out the post here: Minimalist Fall Magnolia Leaf Wreath

3. Farmhouse Fall Minimalist Wreath DIY

The farmhouse fall inspired version of the magnolia leaf wreath was the most time consuming out of the three in this series but I absolutely love how it turned out! I still had plenty of leaves and I wanted to find a different way to use them. Once I was able to get the paint to be the color I was hoping for, the rest of the project came together nicely.

This wreath used a lot of repurposed materials from thrift store purchases and some newer elements from Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart. The jute was the perfect way to bring some farmhouse-like charm to the wreath while also hiding some of the imperfections of the coat hanger after bending the metal to shape.

To see how to put together a farmhouse style magnolia wreath see the post here: Farmhouse Fall Minimalist Wreath DIY

Hopefully these three DIY projects gave you some fun ideas for your own fall decorating projects. Making your own wreaths is a lot of fun and the best part is that you can use your imagination to create something that is really one of a kind!

Good luck and happy decorating!


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