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Easy DIY Fall Owl Wreath

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

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Every year I get so excited to start decorating for fall and the feeling has definitely come a little earlier this year. I wanted to try my hand at making some fall wreaths but I wanted it to be easy and affordable. I was in a Dollar Tree store the other day to pick up some things when I spotted the fall section and I have to say, it’s awesome this year! I ended up with my first fall haul of the year and I got the supplies to make this fun wreath.

This is the first of several fall wreaths for the series Easy Fall Wreaths You Can DIY.

It was fun and easy to make and I really enjoyed repurposing some of these dollar tree pieces into a unique fall decoration for my kitchen. The best part is that I already had the glue and some of the supplies so overall this wreath only cost me about $10.00!

Supplies Needed:

For this wreath I used a 9.8 in floral foam ring for the base. The foam rings from Dollar Tree are actually really sturdy and are just as good as something you would find in a more expensive store. You could make this wreath with any size you like.

For the burlap wrap, I actually got really lucky and found several yards of burlap for $4 at my local thrift store a few months ago so I did not need to buy any. I did notice that Dollar Tree has spools of burlap ribbon which would also do the trick. I cut three 3 in x 24 in strips of burlap and folded them lengthwise.

I wrapped the ribbon around so that it covered the foam ring and overlapped the rough edges of the burlap. I used a wood skewer to hold the ends in place until I felt happy enough with how it looked to glue it with hot glue. Be careful when gluing the burlap as the glue can seep through the large pores in the fabric.

Once you have finished gluing the burlap onto your foam ring, you can start to add the fabric maple leaves to the left side of the wreath. I glued them into sets of two first and then attached them to the wreath. You can layer these however you like and you can always go back and add leaves in places where it still looks bare.

I also deconstructed a plastic pumpkin that had a fall sunflower and a mini gourd branch so that I could add them with the leaves. I just carefully pulled these off the pumpkin and cut the stem off of the sunflower so it would be more flat. You could always buy some sunflowers separately but I decided to use these and so I can refinish the pumpkin for another project later.

I also decided to repurpose the door hanger (even though it was already cute by itself!) so that I could use the bells with this wreath. I pulled the bow off and very carefully removed the ribbon with the bows and glued them onto the bottom of the wreath.

Next I glued one of these nice harvest ribbons over the part where I glued the bells. This is basically the finishing touch if you like the look of the wreath on it’s own. I thought it would be a nice touch to add one of the cute owl ornaments from Dollar Tree to make it look like it’s sitting in the middle of the wreath.

For hanging the wreath, I glued a small piece of some leftover fabric I already had into a loop onto the back of the wreath at the top. You could also use a small loop of some string or yarn.

I love the way this one turned out, especially with the owl! This was an easy project and it only took about 15 minutes to put together. I hope this gives you some ideas for your upcoming fall decor projects, good luck and happy decorating!


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