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Affordable Decor: How to Decorate on a Budget

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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Looking for fresh decor for your home on a budget? Don’t worry, there are a ton of ways to save money so you can redecorate your space without breaking the bank! Here are some ideas on how to save money when decorating or redecorating your home.

10 Best Ways to Save Money on Your Next Home Decor Project

1. Shop Thrift Stores - Thrift stores and consignment shops can be so underrated sometimes! I have found that thrift stores can be some of the best places to find really unique decor for super affordable prices. Most of the time, all you need is a little bit of elbow grease to clean up and refresh items like vases, wall art, knickknacks, etc. A lot of thrift stores have sales on certain days like Saturdays so you can get some really deep discounts.

2. Yard Sales - Yard sales are another great way to get things for your home that someone else might just need to get rid of. Although they can be a little bit harder to find, if you browse your local paper or pay attention to signs posted around your neighborhood, you can find a yard sale to shop. You can also find local yard sales online in Facebook groups or on Craigslist.com under the garage sales section.

3. Estate Sales - Estate sales are similar to yard sales except that they usually include a lot more variety of items. When someone needs to downsize a family estate because of a family death, divorce, bankruptcy or even just moving, an estate sale will include a ton of household items that you can get for decent prices. Estate sales are listed in similar places to yard sales, you might see a sign in your neighborhood or a listing in a local paper or posted to online groups.

4. Shop Retail Sales - One of the easiest ways to save money on your home decor is to shop sales and get coupons from your favorite retailers. Tons of popular home goods stores have sales or offer rewards programs to shoppers, all you need to do is keep an eye out for any promotions they are offering. You might also check online to see if there are discounts for signing up for their email list or for shopping online.

5. Dollar / Discount Stores - Dollar and discount stores are some of the best places to get budget decor. If you are feeling crafty, you can also get great stuff to repurpose into decor. For example, plain clear vases can be painted to look more like high end ceramic. (DIY tutorial for how to make any vase look like high end ceramic coming soon!) Besides home decor, discount stores are a great way to save money on a lot of other things too! My favorite is Dollar Tree because they have a huge selection of decorative items and crafting supplies.

6. Ebay / Online Auctions - Online auction sites like Ebay are a great way to find affordable home decor among many other things. Ebay is one of the more well known online auction websites but there are a ton of them out there. While you might not always be the winning bid, you can definitely save a lot of money and if you don’t want to wait for listings to end you can always search for “buy it now” listings.

7. Free Item Listings - Sometimes you can find free items if you know where to look and if you have a bit of luck on your side. Sites like Facebook marketplace or Craigslist sometimes have free furniture or other home decor items that you can get free if you pick them up. These kinds of listings are usually first come, first serve so good luck! If you can’t find any decent free items, you could also try barter/trade listings as well. Sometimes your family and friends might also have unwanted items they would be willing to give to you, or they can help you find what you are looking for, all you have to do is ask!

8. DIY / Handmade - Another great way to save money on home decor is to make your own stuff! DIY projects can be a lot of fun and you are sure to end up with something unique! If you need ideas, Pinterest and YouTube are great places to search for your next decor project.

9. Refresh Old Things / Upcycle - You might already have the perfect piece of home decor sitting in your home. Check your storage unit, basement / attic and closets! Sometimes rearranging things you already have is the best way to save money. Sometimes all something might need is a fresh coat of paint or spray paint to give it new life and a new purpose!

10. Recycle - You can always find a way to repurpose something old into something new. I have repurposed several plastic and glass containers into vases, planters and storage rather than just tossing them in the trash. This way you are saving money and helping the environment.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to save money for your next home decor project. You can definitely have a fresh, inviting space that you are proud of without having to spend a fortune if you don’t want to. Good luck and happy decorating!

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