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2020 Fall Decor Style Guide

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

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2020 Fall Decor Style Guide

Fall is almost here! It’s my absolute favorite season and even though we are still experiencing a summer heat wave I can’t help but feel those fall vibes calling! In honor of the wonderful autumn season here is a guide to help you decide on your fall decor style!


Pastels & Farmhouse Fall

One trend that keeps popping up on my search for all things fall this year is pastel, heirloom pumpkins. Both natural and painted pumpkins in shades of white, mint greens, blues and even pinks paired with leaves and other green stems give you “farmhouse fall” feelings. Although the colors feel almost more springlike, the natural fall decor style is a nice change if you prefer lighter colors or if you want more neutral colors.


Dried Stems & Florals

Dried florals and stems in neutral colors are also super on trend this season. If you want to use the farmhouse fall style, you could also consider pairing dried cotton stems with your arrangement. These look great in rustic metal buckets or a simple glass vase or even in a basket with some pumpkins. White/cream sunflowers also look amazing with these neutral colors and they also pair very nicely with the pastel heirloom pumpkins.

Dried Fruit Slices

Dried fruits such as orange and grapefruit slices also make a great addition to fall decor and they are beautiful with potpourri as well. See the tutorials on How to Dry Your Own Orange Slices & How to Make Your Own Potpourri if you want to give this a try for fall!


Bright Colors & DIY Pumpkins

Of course you can still enjoy vibrant colors and patterns this fall if you are not feeling the pastel colors. Brightly colored velvet or cloth pumpkins are a great way to add some fresh pops of color and texture to your fall decor. Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be only for Halloween! Painted and decorated pumpkins are a fun way to decorate for fall while bringing out your individual style and personality.

Traditional Fall Style

Traditional warm fall colors in oranges, yellows, reds and maroon are always a fall favorite. These colors make your home feel inviting and can really bring out the joy of the season. Try adding some patterns in with your traditional hues with plaids, especially black and white. This can add a nice pop of pattern to help break up the solid colors.


Fall Porch Signs

Another super fun trend this fall is signs, especially porch signs. Once again, these feel very farmhouse fall trendy but I’m here for it! What better way to express the happy sentiment of fall than with positive messages. You can find these in all the shops that have fall merchandise and of course online or you can create a custom message and make your own fall porch signs.

Fall Wreaths

Don’t forget your fall wreath! These look great on your front door but you can hang them anywhere you like. Fall wreaths are a traditional fall decoration and they are also easy to make! The great thing about wreaths is they can be made to fit any style of decor. See my post on Easy Fall Wreaths You Can DIY for some fun wreath ideas.


Painted or Rustic Pallets

Painted pallets are a great fall feature (although rustic-natural is a great look too) to add to your fall style. You can really do so much with these and they make great indoor or outdoor decorations. Pumpkins, buckets, baskets, leaves and all things fall will look great with a pallet and if you are going for the rustic farmhouse feel, a pallet will definitely add to the charm.


What's Your Fall Style?

The fall season is a fantastic way to express yourself and who doesn’t love a reason to decorate! This fall it’s all about colors, textures, patterns so don’t be afraid to try something new. Whether you go for the traditional look or you try a new trend like farmhouse fall, you will be sure to love your new fall decor style. Good luck and happy decorating!


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