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10 Creative Uses for Baskets

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

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Baskets are one of the most timeless and useful items. They are often simple and beautiful and the possible uses for baskets are almost endless. Besides being great for storage, baskets are also a great addition to your home decor. Here are the top 10 creative uses for baskets.

1. Storage & Organization - One of the most common and practical uses for a basket is for storage and organization. They are perfect for any room in the house, even in a closet. What makes them great for storage and organization is that they come in almost any size or shape you might need and they can be used in any room in your house. Larger sizes can be used to organize shoes, clothing, blankets, kids toys, etc. and smaller sizes could be used to store things like jewelry or makeup.

2. Planter - One super trendy use for a basket is to make it into a unique planter. A basket will give your plant a fresh new look and if it has handles it might be a little easier to move too. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your houseplants, a basket planter might be just what you are looking for!

3. Decorative - Baskets are perfect for a ton of different decorative uses. Besides being great for storage and organization, baskets are also a decorative way to fill your space. A large sturdy basket with a lid can be used as an ottoman with blanket storage. Baskets are a great way to make stacks of items such as magazines look more decorative and clean as well.

4. Centerpiece - If you need a centerpiece for your dining room table or for an event, baskets are a cute and affordable way to make your own centerpiece. They are great for floral arrangements and things like fruit or bread. When it comes to centerpieces, the sky is really the limit and a basket might be what you need to inspire your imagination.

5. Kitchen - Baskets make great storage for your pantry or kitchen countertops too. They can be the perfect way to organize fruits, vegetables, utensils, spices and other dry goods. You could even use one to hold your recipe books so they are always right where you need them.

6. Laundry - Many baskets come with a fabric lining which makes them perfect for a laundry basket. Not only are they the perfect place to sort by color and organize clean vs. dirty - they are a nice way to make your laundry room look more clean and organized.

7. Wall Hanging - Not all baskets have to be used for storage and putting things away. Some baskets are beautiful and are the perfect thing to use for a decorative wall hanging. You can use several to make a unique arrangement and give your room a natural boho feel.

8. Grocery - Another great feature of baskets is that they are reusable which makes them great for groceries. You can put a few baskets in the trunk of your vehicle to keep things from rolling away. You can even use them for fruits and vegetables if you wanted a way to eliminate the need for plastic bags.

9. Pet Beds - Baskets also make great pet beds. They are easy to put a cushion or pillow into to make a quick and affordable place for your fluffy friend to snooze.

10. Gifts - Gift baskets are a classic gift and it’s no wonder considering how useful they are. Whether you go the traditional route and make a food or bath gift basket or if you use one as creative packaging, it will definitely make a perfect gift!


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