Retro Palm

Welcome to Retro Palm! This is both a blog and a place where I can showcase the patterns I design as well as to share the home decor projects I am currently working on. I have always loved to create things both digital and by hand. I love to share what I create with others and I couldn’t think of a better way than to share them here on this blog. 


Retro Palm is also a place to find inspiration and ideas for decorating your space. From retro to modern designs, I hope my portfolio of designs and collections inspires your creative side! Explore colors, textures, patterns and themes that you can use in your own home decorating projects.


I love patterns and I have always wanted to try my hand at making my own to share with the world. Each of the collections I have created are inspired by fun and colorful themes. I especially love desert, ocean and nature designs and I try to incorporate these into what I create. 


While I currently do not sell any products with these patterns, most are available on my Zazzle shop called Retro_Palm. If you don’t see a product you want, you can always transfer the design to the product you are looking for! Retro Palm designs are available on a ton of neat home decor products including throw pillows, kitchen trays, tiles, trivets and more!  


About Affiliate Links


From time to time I do share links to products I use or recommend as well as affiliate links. Retro Palm makes some profit from affiliate links in addition to commisions earned on products purchased on sites such as Zazzle. For more information, please see our affiliate page and privacy policy.